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Why Nice?

Nice, which has the deep blue waters of the Côte d'Azur, has the charm of Mediterranean cities where the sweetness of life is as much due to the beauty of the city than its exceptional climate. Even in winter, the café terraces are pleasant. Nice, to the both elegant and popular, has many advantages. It has many monuments and structures cultures that testify to an extremely rich and varied historical and heritage past. Go to the discovery of each of its districts, each of its alleys. Along the walks, you immerse yourself in its past, you will discover its architecture which underlines the particular evolution of its history.


A walk in Old Nice is a must. It is the old and lively part – day and night – of the city. It is the heart of the city, its soul and its spirit. There is a real village atmosphere. From one alley to another, cobbled and picturesque, you will discover its buildings with facades in ocher colors declined to yellow or red, others in pastel tones. You will also discover its shops selling Nice soap, Provençal textiles, meat and cheese... You will also find artisanal food shops of all kinds: factories of fresh pasta, Nice dishes, butchers, bakeries, grocery stores and more. also countless restaurants, cafes, bars, ice cream parlors... You will also find other shops of another kind: shops of painters, designers, sculptors, clothing or jewelry designers, and many decoration shops interior.

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The port of Nice

You can admire it from the heights of the Colline du Château, but the best thing is still to walk there. With its yellow and red facades and its multicolored pointus (small traditional boats), the port of Nice is above all an explosion of colors. After your walk, if you want to return to the city center effortlessly, go to Quai des Pointus where you will board the free Lou Passagin shuttle.

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St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral

In the 19th century, the Russian community settled in Nice only grew and, with it, the desire to create an Orthodox religious building. It was in this context that the construction of Saint Nicholas Cathedral began in 1903, one of the most important Orthodox buildings outside of Russia. The sublime cathedral was classified as a historical monument in 1987 and is labeled "Heritage of the 20th century". The interior, adorned with icons, frescoes and woodwork, is richly decorated and transports you to Russia in an instant. Suffice to say that it would be a shame to miss out!

The Paillon promenade

How pleasant it is to stroll on a beautiful sunny day along the Promenade du Paillon. This green corridor inaugurated in 2013 consists of many trees, a huge water mirror and several jets under which children come to play in summer. For families who would like to have a good time outdoors or photography enthusiasts inspired by the reflections of the water on the ground, the Promenade du Paillon is the ideal walk!

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Nice carnival

It is the biggest carnival in France and one of the most famous in the world. It has existed since 1873 and takes place every winter in February for two weeks. It features a Carnival Parade of floats and "bigheads", His Majesties the King and Queen, street art troupes and musical groups, the famous Battle of Flowers, and the illuminated Carnival Parade.

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