General Conditions


Not needed if you are a citizen of a European Union country.
If you are not:
– For a maximum 3 month visit and except for special conventions, you must apply for a tourist visa from the French consulate in your country.
– For a visit of more than 3 months you must apply for a student’s ‘long stay’ visa which will entitle you to the ‘carte de séjour’ from the French consulate in your country. (See payment’ rubric below)


– Please fill in the enclosed registration form and return it via e mail or Fax to our offices with a 250 € deposit (see ‘payment’ rubric below). As soon as your registration form has been received (the form is an acceptance of the general conditions governing the school), you will be sent via e mail or Fax a confirmation letter with all the necessary information for your stay and a detailed invoice for it.
– In case you decide to register at a late stage, (less than 15 days before the start of your visit),we ask you to contact us by telephone first.


You must take out a personal insurance policy covering all the risks of your journey and stay in Nice (illness, accident, theft...).
– If you are a citizen of a member state of the European Union, you must request the CEAM form from your insurance company for medical treatment.


– You must send us a 250 € deposit with your registration form, preferably by Visa/MasterCard credit card ‘For payments by cheque or bank transfer please contact us first. The balance of your invoice must reach us 15 days at the latest before the start of your stay and without a reminder from us. After the deadline date, we reserve the right to give your place to someone else.
– If you have to apply for a visa, a 50% deposit on the total cost of your stay will have to be sent along with your registration form so you can be officially invited on the course. The balance of your invoice will have to reach us 15 days at the latest before the start of your stay without a reminder from us. In case the visa is not granted, you will be reimbursed the total cost of your stay, minus 100 € for administration fee, provided you give us proof of refusal from the French embassy.
– Your payment must be made in euros and exempt from any bank charges.

IMPORTANT: In view of the time it may take for the payment to come through, we strongly recommend you send us by Fax a copy of the bank transfer order.

– By cheque or Eurocheque in euros. Beneficiary: AZURLINGUA Whatever the mode of payment chosen, please make sure the name(s) of the student (s) and the registration number are clearly stated.


According to the French law, Article L121-20 of the customer code.

• Modified by law n°2005- art. 3 JORF 27 July 2005

“The consumer has a period of seven days to exercise his right of withdrawal without reasons or paying penalties, except, if necessary, expenses of return. The consumer can contravene at the period in case when he can ́t move or simultaneously need to call an immediate performance and necessary conditions for his existence. In this case, continue to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to give any reasons or to pay penalties.

The period mentioned in the preceding brief paragraph shall run from the receipt of the goods or the acceptance of the allowance of services.

When the information, required to Article L. 121-19 has not been provided, the period for exercising the right of withdrawal is extended to three months. However, if the provision of such information occurs within three months of receipt of the goods or the acceptance of the offer, it runs the seven-day period, mentioned in the first paragraph.

When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended until the first following working day.”

– Any cancellation made by you more than 15 days before the start of the stay will incur a 140 € deduction for administration fees from the paid amount. (Subject to Article 121-20)
– Any cancellation made by you less than 15 days before the start of the stay will incur a 290 € deduction from the total amount. No reimbursement will be made if no one is present at the start of the course.
– Any stay that will be interrupted or modified by you will not be reimbursed. (Subject to Article 121-20)
– Azurlingua reserves the right to modify a course if the number of registered students is less than 4.In compensation, a reimbursement or a reduced number of lessons depending on the number of students and type of course will be offered.
– Reimbursement will be made 4 months after the cancellation notice from our services. If the diving training or the tennis camp is canceled due to weather conditions, no refund will be made.


Any complaint not reported to our services during your stay will not be taken into account after your departure.

Bank Holidays

Lessons do not take place on Bank holidays and they will not be reimbursed or compensated for except for individual lessons that will be made up during the stay.

School regulations

From the moment you arrive, you must abide by the school internal regulations. If your attitude or behavior are likely to jeopardize the success of the course, you may be immediately expelled, without notice or reimbursement.


A 200 € deposit in cash will be required before you move into your room at the Central Campus or in a studio apartment. It will be entirely given back on day of departure minus the cost of any breakage, missing items, tyding or cleaning.
– The local tax is included in all our tariffs.
– You will be given a copy of the specific rules governing your choice of accommodation and they will need to be respected throughout your stay.
– Your subscription would be validated only if your chosen accommodation is available.
In case of unavailability of the accommodation, we engage ourselves to do our best to propose you an equivalent or similarly accommodation in order to satisfy your demand.


If you have booked an extra night on Saturday, you will be required to book a transfer. Regarding Sunday, if you do not arrive between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM in the evening, you will also need to book a transfer. Transferist's contact information: +33 (0)6 72 01 80 23.

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